Our People

We are not just coders, we’re experienced Software Engineers, each with between 20 and 35 years experience designing embedded software for automotive, industrial and aerospace products.

We know hardware. We can work closely with your Electronic Hardware Engineers because we speak their language. We have both the tools and the expertise to make minor board mods as required and we can work with you to diagnose hardware issues that might appear during development.

We know Automotive EMC requirements. What steps can be taken to prevent the microcontroller from latching during conducted immunity testing? What software strategies can be used to reduce radiated emissions? We know that you need a product that passes validation testing, and there are things we can do in software to make that easier for you.

Our Process

As in every other field of Engineering, a project plan and architectural design must be created before the construction begins; before a simulation is built or a line of code is written.

There are no shortcuts to a quality product. From beginning to end we follow industry-standard best-practices for requirements management, documentation, version control, build management, validation and deployment to ensure that your software will be completed on time. Every time.

Our Track Record

We have designed and built software controlling millions of products currently or previously in production at Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Tesla, Polaris, Meritor WABCO, Daimler Trucks, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kodak, and others.